Vujicsics Ensemble (vuy-chitch)

The Vujicsics Ensemble, Tradition Preserving Virtuosos from Hungary
The Vujicsics Ensemble, a folk music ensemble playing Southern Slav folk music in Hungary, which was founded in the early 1970s, and which has since been a leading folk music ensemble in Europe, is operating at Szentendre, a popular town in the vicinity of Budapest. It is since 1976 that the Ensemble have borne the name of Tihamér Vujicsics, a composer and folk music researcher, their supporter and friend, who passed away under tragic circumstances.

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It is in the spirit of respect for tradition and tradition preserving that the Ensemble get all the way to the roots in discovering the folk music of both the Croats and the Serbs living in Hungary. As virtuosos, they sound a number of musical instruments unique of their kind and cause one to be delighted to hear music accompanying ancient dances as well as songs associated with folk customs. Those pieces of music are performed by the Ensemble that have toured Europe, the Middle East and Australia. The Ensemble, having been comprised of the same six musicians for over three decades, boast performing innumerable rounds of concerts and achieving success at various festivals. What renders the performance of the Ensemble exciting and stimulating is their interpreting pieces of music collected by Béla Bartók and Tihamér Vujicsics as well as their reviving the performing style of one-time renowned musicians. Frequently contributing to the concerts of the Ensemble are such outstanding musicians as Márta Sebestyén, and the Söndörgő Ensemble whose members are young disciples of the Vujicsics Ensemble.

Borbély Mihály - saxophone, clarinet, tárogató, sheperd's pipe, ocarina, tambur
Eredics Gábor - alt tambur, accordeon, tambura samica, voice
Eredics Kálmán - double bass, drums, voice
Brczán Miroszláv  - tenortambur, tambur, voice
Szendrődi Ferenc - first tambur, tambur, tambura samica
Eredics Áron  - first tambur, alt tambur, tenor tambur, tambura samica
Mihó Attila - violin


Vujicsics Ensemble

The Ensemble was formed in 1974 in Pomáz, in the early days of the folk-dance revival in Hungary.

The primary aim was to continue and revive the folk-music heritage of the Serbian communities in the Budapest region (Szentendre, Pomáz, Csobánka, Budakalász). Later its scope was extended to the folk-music of the Croats of the Danube valley and southern Hungary, including field-work, arrangements, and performance, and the presentation as such of this diverse and colorful folk-music.

Ensemble Vujicsics arrangements are characterized by respect for the heritage, and musicianship of a high order.
Their repertoire, based on archaic traditions, now enjoys a respected place on the concert platforms of Hungary, Europe, and more distant continents. 
Mr.Sztojan Vujicsics


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