’My Greatest Reverence To You’

'In both Serbian and Croatian folk music, the Vujicsics Ensemble is equivalent to the Muzsikás Ensemble in Hungarian folk music. Both ensembles launched their musical career in 1974. Each member of the Ensemble is completely familiar with his musical instrument, and has made the tour of the world. It can not be certainly stated, however, that the Ensemble have been a group of go-getters, aggressive in asserting themselves. They release a CD every 8 to 10 years, and their third album has just been launched.

Samo Sviraj - Just make music - Te csak zenélj - ®-e-DISC 003


The Vujicsics Ensemble is one of identity, a band made up of the same musicians playing in the same style, for the sake of preserving tradition, performing in the same archaic manner. Likewise unchanged is Ms. Márta Sebestyén, the guest singer of the Ensemble.

Most of the pieces of music re-processed by the Ensemble have too large a degree of light beauty in them to cause me, a man with a decadent soul, to find fault with them. Accordingly, I hold in high esteem 'Adana oro', a hardly archaic but sanguinic piece, and I appreciate more 'Rastanak', another piece called into being as a result of the atrocious events of the then war in Yugoslavia, a piece to which I pay my greatest reverence.'

Mr. László Marton Távolodó