Melodies from the Drava river and rhythms from the Balkans

On 28 January 2002, the Vujicsics Ensemble is going to perform at the Academy of Music in Budapest with Mr. Boban Markovic, a world-renowned Serbian musician.

photo by Mr. György Paraszkay


So far, the Vujicsics Ensemble has not given a concert along with Mr. Boban Markovic, a Serbian Gipsy trumpetist, who has become world famous since Mr. Emir Kusturica directed a number of films, involving him.
Mr. Gábor Eredics says, 'This is a long-awaited establishing of contact, initiated by Mr. György Igric, Director of the Budapest Filharmonic Public Society, organiser of the said concert. While researching into, collecting and studying folk music on a scholarship, all over Yugoslavia, in 1981, we discovered the extraordinarily rich polyphonic musical tradition of wind instruments that had been totally unknown to the world, including Hungary, prior to that time, and whose origin could be traced back to one century before. Boban is the representative of this tradition to such a degree that he has made the original folk music into a typical, creative and improvised music.'

Mr. Attila Retkes