"MAGIC CARPET" - Place: Festival Theatre
Time: 2005.08.03. 20:00

The Vujicsics Group and their guests:
Márta Sebestyén, Ferus Mustafov (Macedonia),Söndörgő Band

The Vujicsics Group were formed thirty years ago and originally focussed on "tradition preserving arrangements". Taking their starting point from South Slav music relics uncovered around the Danube bend region and traditional instruments, such as the tambura or harmonica, they have gradually buried themselves deeper into Balkan music. What could be more natural than playing the saxophone as if it were a Turkish pipe?
This evening, the Vujicsics Group guarantee a South Slav and Balkan musical celebration with illustrious guests such as Márta Sebestyén, Macedonian Ferus Mustafov, and the "new kids on the block" of Balkan music in Hungary, the Söndörgő Band.

( MUPA )