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The Rough Guide to Hungarian Music

Various Artists RGNET1092 2002

'Hungary has some of the best roots music in Europe with a musical impact far in excess of its size. From the glorious vocals of Márta Sebestyén to the wild fiddlers of Transylvania, and from the music of the Gypsy orchestras that captivated Brahms and Liszt to the Romany rap of today, The Rough Guide To Hungarian Music is an excellent introduction to the vibrant and diverse music of the region. Harking back to defining moments in the past and spotlighting new talent, this album is a guide to the finest sounds of Hungary today.'

'A compilation which sets the standard… this is an album which will have you reaching for your atlases, your history books and your dancing shoes….a hard act for other compilers to follow.'
Fiona Talkington
BBC Music Reviews: 'Best New Releases'

1. Páva (Hey, Peacock)
2. Hajnali Nóta (Morning Song)
3. Akasztós
4. Hungarian Verbunk
5. Jumping Dances
6. Deta Devla (God Bless)
7. Friss Csárdás (Fast Csárdás)
8. Hungarian Songs
9. Könyörgés (Song for Mercy)
10. A Bivaly Hátán (Sitting on the Buffalo)
11. Pásztornóták Hosszúfurulyán (Shepherd's Flute Song)
12. Kerekes (Round Dance)
13. Danses de Lórincréve (Dances from Lórincréve)
14. Tánc a Hóban (Dance in the Snow)
15. Petrusevo Kolo (Vujicsics)
16. Szátélé Zsáv
17. Numa Romanes
18. Rábaközi Karéj/Dus/Csárdás És Friss (Dances from Rábaköz)
19. Rákóczi Induló [The Rákóczi March]