The "Vujicsics Ensemble", well known and popular in our country and giving succesful concerts abroad too, has proposed as an aim for the ensemble the cultivation of the diversified and rich folk music traditions of the Southern Slav nationalities living in our country, mainly those of the Serbs and Croats. The ensemble was founded in Pomáz the spring of 1974, as the orchestra of the local nationality dance ensemble.


 Guest performances:


Ashabad (SU) 1977 , Valencia (E) 1981, Klingenthal (DDR) 1981 , Wien (A) 1982, Roskilde (DK) 1983, Mittagong (Australia) 1985, San Sebastian (E) 1987, Vilanova I la Geltru (E) 1987, Berlin (D) 1988, Sicilia (I) 1988 , Bruxelles (B) 1989, Cornwall (GB) 1989 , London - Sidmuth - Edinburgh - Rottedaw (GB) 1989, Ljubljana (YU) 1989, Darmstadt (D) 1990, Hallein (A) 1991, Avignos (F) 1992, Nantes (F) 1992, Bonifacio (F) 1992, Saint Chartier (F) 1992, Skagen (DK) 1993, Hamburg (D) 1993, Avignon (F) 1994, Saint Chartier (F) 1994, Nantes (F) 1994, Confolens (F) 1994, Vilanova I la Geltru (E) 1994, London-Reading (GB) 1995 , Straden (A) 1995, Bled (SLO) 1995 ,Perugia (I) 1996 , Straden (A) 1996, Rudolstadt (D) 1996, Kaláka Folkfesztival (H) 1989-, Szentendrei Theatrum - Szentendrei Nyár (H) 1978- , Vujicsics Tihamér Emlékfesztivál (H) 1993, 1995, Tavaszi Fesztivál - Táncháztalálkozó (H) 1980






 2014  KOSSUTH PRIZE  Award
2009  Pest megye Népművészetéért  Award   Laudáció 
2005  Certificate of Recognition from the Minister of
Cultural Heritage  
2000  For the Art of Pest County  Award
1999  eMeRTON   Award  
1999  Lyre  Award  
1999  Saint Sava  Award  
1999  Governmental Award for the Minorities  Award
1995  Memorial Award of Pomáz  Award  
1986  For the Public Education of Pest County  Award  
1986  Pro Urbe Szentendre  Award
1981  The Disc of the Year  Award  
1977  First prize of folk music category
 (TV Quiz)





 Theatre,Movie, Radio Plays

2005-2009 Pesti Theatre - 'Although a horse has four legs.... director: Enikő Eszenyi    
2002-2007 Comedy Theatre of Budapest - The Auditor   Péter Valló    
2002-2003 Comedy Theatre of Budapest - Legend of the Horse   László Marton    
1999-2001 Madách Theatre - The Siege of Beszterce   Viktor Nagy    

1997-2001 National Theatre - The Comedy of Errors

  János Bruck    
1977-1978 Theatre of Szentendre - The Comedy of Errors   Imre Kerényi    
1977-1978 Theatre of Szentendre - Church-square plays   Imre Kerényi  





2005 30th Anniversary of the Vujicsics Ensemble director: Eszter Petrovics  
2001 Vujicsics - concertfilm   Kálmán Kázsmér  
1997 Egy tél az Isten hátamögött   Can Togay  
1989 My 20th Century   Ildikó Enyedi  
1988 Hanna's War   Menahem Golan  
1983 Mennyei seregek   Ferenc Kardos  
1981 The Vujicsics Ensemble   György Molnár  
1979 Csontváry   Zoltán Huszárik


Radio Plays

2000 Bridge on the Drina



Ivo Andric
1980 Patriots
  Who Saved Holland


Antun Soljan
  Fancy Dinner at the Funeral Company  


Memorable Concerts

Jubilee Concert of the Ensemble Vujicsics Concert Hall of the Music Academy, Budapest


   My dear Friends,
If there is an ensemble the name of which reminds us of the most excellent representatives of    South-Slav culture, Ensemble Vujicsics surely does. Its members are known to be researchers of the heritage of Serb-Croatian folklore as well as folk musicians, world-famous performers of South-Slav music. What is also particularly important nowadays, in a bloody, homicidal time when peoples rush at each other: they are prophets of mutual dependence and interaction over many centuries of the nations of South-Europe whose homogenous melodies are integrated in harmony. From the deepest of my heart I congratulate Ensemble Vujicsics on the 25th anniversary of their existence and I wish them very happy birthday.

Árpád Göncz
President of Republic of Hungary



Jubilee Concert of the Ensemble Vujicsics - 28-October-1999


Ladies and Gentlemen!

I would rather say without ceremony and more intimately: Dear Friends! Or let me call you in the spirit of today's great event:
Dear gala audience! - and of course: Dear Ensemble Vujicsics!

We are celebrating a birthday. It has been exactly 25 years - or a quarter of a century - since the Ensemble was born. At the moment of its birth it had no name, but after a while - due to a lucky concurrence of circumstances - the "new born
 baby was christianed". For 25 years the Ensemble have been touring not only their homeland, Hungary but all over the world as well. There is no continent on our planet that they have not been to during the years of their existence. They have been to Asia, NorthAmerica, Africa and Australia, too! There is nothing for it but South-America and perhaps the South-and North Poles. Never mind! They will make up for it!

Not long before his tragic death Tihamér Vujicsics (1929-1975) remembering Béla Bartók, a determining example for him, declared that Bartók's lifework means not only the unexplored regions of Eastern-Europe but the whole of Europe as well. What's more, it reaches up to the Mediterranean and the coasts of the oceans. All in all, alike human imagination Bartók's music has no boundaries.

As Tihamér Vujicsics was praying, "May everybody on earth have the fortune to take delight in singing; both those who sing and those who intend to record these songs and pass them on from generation to generation".

From the deepest of my heart I wish their eponym would be the light for them and guide them along their way during the next 25 years into the forthcoming millenium, for ever and ever.

 Budapest  28-October-1999


                                                                                                                   Mr.Sztojan Vujicsics

                                                                                   (Pomáz,1933 - Róma,2002)
writer, who won a József Attila Prize, literature historian, professional translator, and a member of the MTA Literature Historian Institute. Founder and director of the Serbian-Orthodox Religious Art and Scientific Collection. Assistant Director of the PEN Club from 1994.



 Sziget      2004  Mittagong    1985