Contributing Musicians

Márta Sebestyén - voice

 Born in Budapest (1957), Marta grew up surrounded with music. Her mother, a music teacher studied with the great composer, scholar and ethnomusicologist - Zoltan Kodaly. At 12 years age, she already knew that her life would be bound to music. Having a wonderful voice, she is one of the most authentic interpreters of the hungharian traditional folk music - is a real world star. She gave and is still giving concerts all over the world both as a solo artist and also as a guest perormer with several hungarian and international folk groups. Marta sang for H.M. Queen Elisabeth II., the japanese Emperor or the spanish Royal Family upon diplomatic events. Her collaboration with the french group Deep Forest "resulted" a Grammy Award in 1996, she recorded with Peter Gabriel and has been discovered by other genres as well such as the film. She was the voice of the "English Patient" awarded with 9 Oscars (also for the music!) in 1997.    More>>>