Periferic - 2001

Folk - World - Ethno from Hungary

Various Artists 2001 BGCD 069


On this release we have once again the growing and diverse roster of artists on the Hungarian label Periferic Records.

Folk, World, Ethno-World, whatever you want to call it, it is all great music and a great introduction to what is happening both in the folk and more contemporary field of music in Hungary today. Or to be more specific the music of the Carpathian basin.

Some familiar names and some new ones, all however exploring the rich heritage of Hungarian Folk Music


1. Szelkialto
Bekoszonto - Opening Poem (1'49")
2. Szelkialto Aldalak buval, vigalommal - Bless You With Sorrow… (2'32")
3. Kolinda Nem szamit - No Matter (6'20")
4. Teka Invirtita es Csingeralas (6'21")
5. Orszagalma/ Orb (Film) Csenyetel fiuk / Boys From Csenyete (2'53")
6. Zengo Dudalas es ugros / Bagpiping and Jumping (12'03")
7. Vandor Vokal Gine Gine (4'08")
8. Vandor Vokal Georgina (1'11")
9. Sondorgo Stari Rokoko - Posavski Drmes (3'34")
10. Nikola Parov Pentages (4'35")
11. Djabe Village of the Sun (6'04")
12. Robert Erdesz Ritual Song (4'32")
13. Szabolcs Szoke Hoszinu Homlokan A Furt - Curl On Her Snowy Brow (3'23")
14. Vujicsics Adana Oro (4'05")

Duration: 63'30"