Croatian Dance Melodies

Vujicsics Association ®-e-DISC 004 2001

Vrapčevo 4.01
Alaj diko... (drmavac) 7.14
Križanje 4.27
Dude (drmavac) 2.06
Nije šala... (drmeš) 5.35
Kolo 4.49
Udaranje u sare 5.33
Jozo 5.20
Bečarac 5.27
Kud pogledam 2.02
Kolovođa 4.17
Total time: 51.15

All tunes arranged by Vujicsics Ensemble besed on the fieldworks of György Martin and Tihamér Vujicsics.

Gábor Eredics - bass, tambura, accordeon, voice
Kálmán Eredics - double bass, voice
Miroszláv Brczán - tenor tambura, voice
Mihály Borbély - tambura, voice
Károly Győri - first tambura, violin
Ferenc Szendrődi - first tambura, tambura samica
Zoltán Horváth - first tamura, alt tambura, tenor tambura

Márta Sebestyen - voice
Julia Rado - voice
Balázs Szokolay - bagpipe
Antus Vizin - bagpipe
Zoltan Farkas - dance

Recorded in Budapest The MATÁV House of Music.

Recordiong Producer: Eredics Gábor
Balance Engineer: Péterdi Péter
Mastering: Zakariás István
Recording: ETNOFON ZA-KI Stúdió
Photos: Archives & Kreiss Gábor
Design: Paraszkay György


"Jointly presenting the musical heritage of the Serbs and Croats of Hungary is more timely ever before. The South Slav music of this country is something unique. The interaction and mutual dependence over many centuries of the many nations of the Carpathian Basin and South East Europe has produced folk art that is at once diverse and an integrated whole."

The Ensemble was formed in 1974 in Pomaz, in the early days of the folk-dance revival in Hungary. The primary aim was to continue and revive the folk-music heritage of the Serbian communities in the Budapest region (Szentendre, Pomaz, Csobanka, Budakalasz). Later its scope was extended to the folk-music of the Croats of the Danube valley and southern Hungary, including field-work, arrangements, and performance, and the presentation as such of this diverse and colourful folk-music.

Their successes are maybe also due to the fact that for more than 20 years the composition of the ensemble has remained the same. Since the beginning of the 80s they have made records and toured throughout Europe as members of the international ensemble Vents d'Est (Eastern Winds).